[load balancing] BIG-IP wierdness

From: Marshall (marshallIZZATbyterage.net)
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 18:36:49 EDT

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    I was just helping out a consulting client with the initial config of a
    redundant pair of used BIG-IPs (v3.1.1, they have no support contract).
    We configured one of them then shut it down. Later we booted it up and
    every daemon segment faulted and dumped core after complaints of misc
    unclean file system errors. I had them boot it into single user and run
    fsck etc, and everthing came back clean. Then I told them to
    `/sbin/reboot` and that dumped core. Then I told them to `/sbin/shutdown
    -h now` and that returned some error message about pid 15 (sorry don't
    have the exact message). So I told them to `cd /var/log` and it returned
    'no such file or directory'. A `df` confirmed that /var was mounted.
    Trying to `vi` a file dumped core a few seconds after successfully opening
    Finally, I had them reset the thing and it booted up, and it returned
    several serious error messages about disk this, and dumped core that. It
    then proceeded to dump the entire memory image to /tmp.
    Is this a sign of a bad disk or could it be something else?. Any ideas?
    I am totally lost since I am not a BSD guru. Even if I was, I can't even
    view any logs!
    BTW, this system was running fine on 2 seperate prior occasions.


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