[load balancing] 2 Colo's

From: Dane Ruyle <dane_ruyle [izzat] hotmail.com>
Date: Wed May 27 2009 - 15:00:58 EDT

Hi all,


I'd like to hear your input on the best way to bring a second collocation facility online. We are a SAAS company. Basically, our service is all tied to a domain name; the www record.


It was my intent to use 2 A records to the WWW lookup. Then, use GSLB to control the traffic.


This works fine when both sites are up and running, but what happens when one goes down - rely on the built-in failover mechanism is DNS (the second A record)?


There's a GSLB Page of Shame http://www.tenereillo.com/GSLBPageOfShame.htm


Would love to hear your input as I am going to be bringing a second one online.


Thanks for your time,



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