Re: [load balancing] TCP keepalive on an Alteon 180e

From: LeMay, John <JLeMay [izzat] KHOV.COM>
Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 17:40:32 EDT


When I read this I recalled a similar session count that you might be
interested in.


Sometime around '99 or so Alteon introduced a feature into their code (I
believe this was AD3 era code) that would maintain *closed* connections
for some time as well. I'm not sure if this was effected by the same
keepalive value - memory tells me it was not and that those sessions
were maintained for some fixed amount of time.


I have no idea if this feature is still in the version of code you are
running, or what this feature was ever introduced to address (maybe the
raging scalability and performance war Alteon and Foundry were involved
in at the time?).


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Subject: [load balancing] TCP keepalive on an Alteon 180e


 Is there any way to set/see this? Basically I want to know how long
the Alteon holds an idle connection open before it closes it.


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