Re: [load balancing] Outbound HTTP throttling

From: Miloska <miloska [izzat]>
Date: Sat May 09 2009 - 03:37:18 EDT

Hello Kelly,

we use Mikrotik's RotuerOS for tasks like that. It's a Linux based
software with a very powerful CLI. You need to understand how IP and
TCP work, there's no wizard for the setup, but good examples, and you
have to tape these bits and pieces together yourself. You can find
video tutorials on website.

It can be run on x86 or you can buy it with hardware from We have both x86 based and routerboard based systems
and all works well. They are so cheap that it can be actually scary a
bit (gigabit device for $700), but don't afraid about this, they are

They have both GUI (winbox) and CLI, I prefer the CLI but the GUI has
all the function as well as far as I know.

I was checking if it can do that for you and I find answer, although
it's probably not the best as the latest software can have better
solution (
RouterOS supports VRRP and (R)STP, so you can build HA systems easily.
As it can work in bridge mode you can give it a try without
reconfiguring your network.

Also you get 15-30 days support if you buy directly from Mikrotik,
they are very helpful and competent. Very easy to try (without
support) as they have free download for any x86 systems or you can buy
routerboard boxes from ~$100.

I also like about Mikrotik, that you can download new firmware
directly from the vendor. I have very bad experience with
partners-only support (for example Cisco).

If you have any configuration problem feel free to write me directly,
I've never done this particular setup in RouterOS, I'd be happy to
help (and have the final configuration :) ).


ps: No, I'm not a Mikrotik employee, just a satisfied customer.

On Fri, May 8, 2009 at 7:30 PM, Kelly Vista <> wrote:

> To re-iterate the complexity of our particular problem, it has to do with
> rate limiting outbound traffic based on number of connections/requests per
> second.
> If anyone has any insight into solutions that do this (h/w or s/w), I would
> appreciate it.
> For the record, I know there are software solutions like like Apache
> mod_throttle and mod_cband, Linux iptables, Squid, Vista Server QoS, etc.
> I'm open to any of these provided it's straightfoward to manage.  I would
> prefer the reliability of solid state, but my first priority is any kind of
> solution, reliability can be an "optimization".
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