[load balancing] Alteon PIP Newbie Questions

From: Anna Tarleton <attarleton [izzat] gmail.com>
Date: Thu May 29 2008 - 02:48:03 EDT

 I recently inherited responsibility for a deployment including an Alteon
180e loadbalancer, something I'd never worked with before. Naturally, I was
a little unnerved to discover that it had already been EOL'd by the
manufacturer's successor, but so far (cross fingers) it's held up very well.

Recently we've planned to change the environment to include a familiar
setup, with two load-balanced pools on the same subnet sending requests to
each other. I did some research and discovered that the way to handle this
on the 180 is by setting a Proxy IP so as to allow traffic to go back and
forth correctly; so far, so good.

Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, all 8 primary ports on the
load-balancer have to have proxy IPs set on the overall subnet in order to
get this to work with VMA activated. That is to say, there doesn't seem to
be any way to, e.g., allocate ports 1-4 to one subnet (with appropriate PIPs
on each) and allocate 5-8 to a second subnet.

This is a little annoying, as it prevents me from using one box to
load-balance both public traffic on the external subnet and private traffic
on the internal subnet. Is that accurate? I can do so if I disable VMA,
but otherwise all eight ports must under any circumstances have proxy IPs on
the same subnet if any of them is going to have proxying enabled?

Sorry if this is an excessively dumb question -- I'm awfully nervous about
messing around with this hardware, especially since it didn't come with much
in the way of documentation, and there's no longer any support available
if/when I screw it up. Any confirmation, correction, or clarification would
be very much appreciated.

- Anna

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