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From: Wim van den Berge <wim [izzat] vandenberge.us>
Date: Fri May 23 2008 - 16:13:13 EDT



I have a small web application farm of 16 IIS servers. These servers run an
application for about 100 concurrent users. Besides that I have a small farm
of 16 application servers (think of it as a proprietary RDP farm). The web
part will need Layer 7 session persistence, the app farm will need Layer 4.
Since the entire web application runs HTTPS I definitely need hardware SSL
offloading. In the near future I will scale this up to 500 concurrent users
but total throughput will never exceed 200Mbps. This is a very content heavy
system, lot of large images (50-100KB) and lots of complex dynamically
generated pages.


That was the easy part. The difficult part is trying to find something that
will work for me for the amount of money I can spend. I'd love to find
something in the $15K range.


So far I've excluded Barracuda and I'm looking at both Kemp and Coyote.
Specifically a pair of LM2500/3500's from Kemp or a single E650si from


I would really appreciate any insight anyone may have on either of these
options and I'll happily entertain alternatives if anyone can think of one
within my budget





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