[load balancing] F5 Big-Ip Load Balancer

From: Andrew Espinosa <andrew.espinosa [izzat] propertyinfo.com>
Date: Fri May 11 2007 - 15:42:37 EDT

Hi all,
I found this list via a google search and I'm hoping someone can help
me. I recently inherited an F5 Big-IP LTM v 9.1.2 load balancer and am
attempting to do a simple configuration, or so I think.

I have 3 servers on a DMZ attached to a switch and I also have the F5
attached to the same switch. All devices are on the same subnet,
192.168.199.x / 24.

I created a VLAN and gave it a self-ip address in the subnet range list
above; created a virtual server with a different IP but on the same
subnet; created a pool and added the nodes to be load balanced. The
router handles the NAT'ing of the public IP which maps to the IP address
I assigned the virtual server.

I can ping the Self-IP I gave the VLAN as well as all the nodes but
cannot ping the virtual server IP.

Additionally I set the default gateway on the DMZ servers to the self-Ip
assigned to the VLAN.

I may have it all screwed up as I am very new to hardware load
balancing. Can anyone give me some pointers as to what I should look at
or maybe configure differently?


Andrew Espinosa, MCSE / MCSA
Systems Engineer

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