[load balancing] Alteon 2000/3000- No available real server stats

From: Benny Fallach <bennyfaIZZATtaldor.co.il>
Date: Tue May 24 2005 - 18:33:52 EDT



I have a problem when I am trying to use an Alteon application switch running 22.0.1 / 22.0.2 code when I am trying to a redirection to an “acceleration system” (like a transparent cache device).

The thing is that sometimes I see in the session table (/info/slb/sess) an ALLOW entry instead of a redirection session entry.

Now there are no health check failures but if I check /stats/slb/maint I can see that the no available real server statistics is increasing.


What does it mean ?


Do u think the health check is not good enough ?


The redirection I am doing includes port mapping, from port 80 to port 9990 , filter looks like that:


/cfg/slb/filt 10

            Sip any

            Dip any

            Smask any

            Dmask any

            Action redir

            Group 1

            Dport http

            Rport 9990

            Proto tcp

/cfg/slb/filt 10/adv/layer 7

            L7lkup ena


The l7lkup is for the 80--> 9990 translation, otherwise it doesn’t work (this is from Nortel support, instead of using Proxy IP (WAR)….




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