[load balancing] Alteon 2424 - problem with pbind on passive cookie

From: Hendershott, Steve <shendershottIZZATets.org>
Date: Mon May 16 2005 - 12:23:43 EDT

We are using Software Version 22.0.2 on an Alteon 2424 and have persistent
binding on a "passive" cookie. The cookie is inserted by the server and
examined by the 2424. It works for a while and then breaks down. The 2424
starts handing out sessions to the wrong server.


We switched over to a "re-write" cookie method where we let the 2424
over-write the cookie set by the server and it works better. The "passive"
cookie used to work in older versions of the Alteon software.


Does any one else have this experience? Is anyone using a passive cookie to
bind sessions?





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