[load balancing] /oper/sync problem

From: harry_bIZZATmm.st
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 12:04:55 EDT


we are struggling with two AD4 (WebOS which cause us headaches
when we try to use virtual addresses in active-standby or active-active

One point which makes me think that there is a problem with the whole SLB
stuff is, that we can not sync the slb configuration with the
/oper/slb/sync command.

When I run this command, the AD4 hangs for a few seconds before I get the
Synchronization failed for, please check peer switch.

In the syslog I get:
May 13 18:00:59 WebOS <vrrp>: Synchronization connection
Wait-For-Close Timeout.
May 13 18:00:59 WebOS <vrrp>: Synchronization TX connection RESET.

On the peer balancer I dont get anything at all.

Both balancers can ping each other with the configured peer IPs.

Does any1 have an idea what might be wrong or how I can debug this any

TIA, Harry

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