RE: [load balancing] AD3 - RTS processing CPU hit?

From: Zekeriya Eskiocak (
Date: Thu May 08 2003 - 10:09:41 EDT

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    Hi Steve,

    How much is the traffic load? As far as I know RTS should not consume cpu?
    Actually you can redirect SSL traffic to the SSL Acc. without RTS. It is
    usually used for VPN Load balancing to overcome the hash problem since the
    ip addresses are changed after VPN session termination.

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      Hi all

      I have an AD3 in production that is currently setup with RTS processing
    enabled as part of my current config. The reason I am currently using RTS
    is so that I can redirect SSL requests through my iSD SSL accelerator, and
    then subsequently forward all of the traffic to a single port 80 on my live

      Does any one know if this has a big performance hit? I ask because I am
    surprised to see my CPU load on CPUA and CPUB routinely hitting 30% + and I
    am not putting that much traffic through this device. Are there only two
    CPU's? Is there any way I can get detailed information about the
    performance of the device in real time? eg top would be nice!

      Steve Christall

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