[load balancing] Preserving client source IP address -CSS vers5

From: Heath Dickinson (hdnIZZATgoldmedal.co.uk)
Date: Tue May 06 2003 - 12:01:05 EDT

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    Hi Guys

    I know this ones gone before but I cant seem to find the explanation I need
    in any thread or in any of Ciscos documentation.

    I have a CSS running v5 located in a DMZ using a local IP for the VIP that
    points to a web farm of services which all with local IPs. I use L5 rules
    as we balance based on strings in the header pathsin order to direct
    different areas of the website to specific servers.
    The VIP is publically accesible by using a NAT to a public IP at the
    firewall. I have a source group configured for the target servers bound to
    the VIP address.
    My problem is that the backend connections always use the VIP address as
    source IP rather than the real IP. This poses a problem as I need to see the
    real source IPs for a number of business and technical reasons.
    I understand the delayed binding concept, but I wonder if this binding can
    be acheived by mapping source ports rather than source IP addresses to
    maintain the connection states?
    Some Cisco resources indicate this can be achieved by using dispatch mode
    as opposed to NAT or directed mode. It indicates that Virtual MACs are used
    in substitution for IP addresses. Unfortunately it doesnt tell you how.

    Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.

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