Re: [load balancing] Alteon AD3 gateways problem

From: Stanislava Pavlova (
Date: Mon May 05 2003 - 06:04:49 EDT

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    Thanks a lot Benny
    I think this is the problem in my case
    I have "local network" definition under /cfg/ip/frwd/local
    but when I try /cfg/ip/gw 11
    I receive error : bad default gateway number 11; must be between 1 and 4
    how can I solve this problem?

    P Pavlov

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      Subject: RE: [load balancing] Alteon AD3 gateways problem


      If you want to configure Vlan Gateways, you should define the two vlans different from 1-4, lets say start at gateway 11 for vlan 1 and gateway 12 for vlan 2, because the 1-4 vlans are used for a default gateway for the entire switch itself....

      Now when you configure vlan gateways, consider defining the "local network" definition under /cfg/ip/frwd/local with the ip networks of your local ip addresses...

      Thanks, Benny
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        Subject: [load balancing] Alteon AD3 gateways problem

        Hi all

        I have an Alteon AD3 split in 3 Vlans
        port 1 e vilan1 public network with ip for example netmask gateway
        port 2 e vilan2 private network with ip range netmask
        port 6 7 8 are in Vlan3 public ip netmask gateway

        gateway 1 is configured and the loadbalacing works with it
        gateway 2 is configured but the Alteon is not finding it and gives the following error
        Apr 30 19:06:36 NOTICE ip: default gateway operational
        Apr 30 19:06:54 ALERT ip: cannot contact default gateway
        Apr 30 19:07:50 NOTICE ip: default gateway operational

        The two networks on the port of the Cisco router ip is real ip address on the switch is virtual for this port
        when I connect a loptop to ip the loadbalancing is working, the ips in Vlan3 are accesible
        and the loadbalancing on network works too
        but when I connect them to a common switch and the two gateways are on the same phisical interface network
        is not accesible

        I would like to know if I can have two different gateways for the different Vlans with different networks
        and will the Alteon use the two gateways at the same time depending on the network.
        I will be grateful for any help solving this problem.

        Thanks in advance

        P Pavlov

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