[load balancing] F5 redundancy question

From: Drumm, Dan (ddrummIZZATball.com)
Date: Fri May 02 2003 - 15:49:37 EDT

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    Has anyone seen an issue with the F5 BIG-IP and virtual servers fighting
    between the primary and the secondary unit in a active-passive design?

    I defined a virtual server, pointed it at a pool. The virtual server does
    not have arp enabled, i.e. you can't ping the address. But when the primary
    unit is active, I see (with tcpdump) a HTTP request coming from the primary
    unit AND the secondary unit to the pool member.

    With the secondary enabled, I only see the secondary F5 make the request to
    the pool member. Then, the VIP works and the units respond, i.e. it load
    balances to the pool.

    The VIP and the pool members only use port 80, these are not wildcard
    servers. I am using 4.5PTF-03.

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