Re: [load balancing] Netscaler

From: Simon Hamilton-Wilkes <sjhwilkes [izzat]>
Date: Wed Apr 18 2007 - 11:40:08 EDT

Correct, it's their biggest box and has 8 gigabit SFP ports on the
front. It is a nice box though and has handled almost everything
we've tried (very large scale SSL offload was the exception - not all
possible algorithms are hardware accelerated and our client couldn't
change which ones their app used)
I agree a couple of 10 gig ports would be nice - I'm increasingly
having the need for 10 gig on projects, big pipes are way more
efficient than port aggregation, just wish the switch ports from it
would come on down in price, the Woven switch is promising, and Force
10 have their 24 port 1U box. On the economy front right now I'm
using 8 port 1U switches from HP.


On 4/18/07, Chuck Adkins <> wrote:
> Looking for some community feedback on the Citrix/NetScaler LB solution
> - specifically the 12000 platform - stability, support, admin ease,
> availability of metrics for uptime/capacity planning/etc
> Also - as far as I can tell Netscaler has no support for 10G - anyone
> have any other data or know when 10G support is coming?
> pDeliveryHardwarePlatforms.pdf looks like the 12000 is biggest box, the
> only option with dual cpu, and it does only G.
> Regards,
> Chuck Adkins
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