[load balancing] VRRP and Big-IP

From: Nicolas Maury <nicolas.maury [izzat] fluxus.net>
Date: Wed Apr 26 2006 - 05:12:57 EDT

Hi all,

I have a pair of Big-IP v9.1.1 connected to a pair of firewalls like this :

Internet --> Firewall --> Big-IP --> Servers

Firewalls use VRRP.

In order to access to servers, I configured a forwarding virtual server :
virtual address A.B.C.X {
    arp disable

virtual Fwding_to_Servers {
    destination A.B.C.X:any
    ip forward
    lasthop pool Pool_Gateway
    vlans Interco_Nokia_F5 enable

pool Pool_Gateway {
    monitor all gateway_icmp
    member W.X.Y.Z:any

When traffic comes from the Internet to servers, the firewall sends
paquets to the Big-IP with its own MAC address.
When traffic comes back to the firewall, the Big-IP uses the real
firewall MAC address instead of the VRRP MAC address.

This is a problem because when when we have a firewall failover, the
Big-IP uses the wrong MAC address.

I configured a lasthop pool for my forwarding Virtual server but it
didn't resolve the problem.

Does anybody have an idea for a workaroud ?

Best regards,

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