Re: [load balancing] What do you think of Alteon AD3

From: David Wasser <dwass [izzat]>
Date: Fri Apr 07 2006 - 05:04:21 EDT

denis wrote:
> David Wasser wrote:
>> We are looking at purchasing some refurb Alteon AD3s. Anything we should
>> look out for? How are these boxes? Any good or bad experiences?
>> Thanks for any help or suggestions!
>> -DWass
> We are still using our AD3s. We've had some issues with them regarding
> the promised URL inspection / balancing features (they do not support
> HTTP 1.1 making the feature unusable for us).

Thanks for your comments. Can you elaborate on this please?

We certainly need to do URL inspection as we need layer-7 balancing. Do
these things do "port following" (https connections follow established
http connections with the same sessionID/cookie)? In an HA
configuration, do these devices take over MAC address on failover?


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