Re: [load balancing] What do you think of Alteon AD3

From: denis <denis [izzat]>
Date: Fri Apr 07 2006 - 02:57:42 EDT

David Wasser wrote:
> We are looking at purchasing some refurb Alteon AD3s. Anything we should
> look out for? How are these boxes? Any good or bad experiences?
> Thanks for any help or suggestions!
> -DWass

We are still using our AD3s. We've had some issues with them regarding
the promised URL inspection / balancing features (they do not support
HTTP 1.1 making the feature unusable for us).

On the other hand they (2xAD3s) have been running our site for a long
time now, with few other problems. Also recently completed a co-location
migration from one location to another and with the help of the AD3's
had virtually no downtime of the web service at all.

Have been thinking of replacing them for something that actually lets us
inspect URL's before dispatching the request to the webservers on a
conditional basis, but so far we're in no hurry.


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