[load balancing] Alteon 2208 HTTP load balancing

From: Radia O <radiaoIZZAThotmail.com>
Date: Thu Apr 14 2005 - 05:25:02 EDT


I am trying to configure an Alteon 2208 to load balance an HTTP application
through many servers, I never touched an Alteon switch before so this is my
first time working on such a thing.

As a first step I am testing the connection just with one real server to
understand how it works and then I'll add other servers to my real servers

after checking the documentation I was able do this configuration, from my
switch I was able to ping the real server and the virtual server, but from
an out side pc I am not able to ping the virtual server nor manage it from a

would really appreciate if any Alteon guru give some help.

>>Server Load Balancing Information# dump
Real server state:
  1:, vlan 1, port 2, health 4, up

Virtual server state:

virtual ports:
    http: rport http, group 1, name, backup none
        real servers:
          1:, backup none, 1 ms, up

Redirect filter state:

Port state:
  1:, client
  8:, server

>>Server Load Balancing Information#

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