[load balancing] WCRURL problems with .jsp and jspimages directory

From: Adilson Lemos <adilsonlIZZATcorp.globo.com>
Date: Mon Apr 11 2005 - 17:44:04 EDT

Dear Folks,

I configured an alteon 3408 with WCRURL with strings like .jsp , .asp that I
do not want to cache ( I used exclusionary on real ), however, the filter is
also matching strings like jspimages directory not caching the content.

Config example:

/c/slb/layer7/slb/case dis
/c/slb/layer7/slb/ren 2 ".jsp"
/c/slb/layer7/slb/ren 3 ".asp"
/c/slb/layer7/slb/ren 4 "/wb"

/c/slb/real 8/layer7/exclude e
/c/slb/real 8/layer7/addlb 2
/c/slb/real 8/layer7/addlb 3
/c/slb/real 8/layer7/addlb 4

So, resuming I want that anything different from these strings ( 2, 3 and 4
) send for this real 8 firing on redirect filter. Almost everything works
but directory or images with strings jsp is allowing. Directory like
jspimage, JSPSession, jspcontent, this is directory that I can access
through my url like www.host.com/jspimage.

Does someone have any hints for this ?


Adilson Lemos.
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