Re: [load balancing] struggling alteon 180e dsr config

From: Todd Underwood <>
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 01:25:42 EDT


On Sat, Apr 09, 2005 at 12:39:29AM +0200, Raul Rivero wrote:
> Hi all,
> We [] have DSR farms working without any problem. Two diffs
> with your configuration:
> 1. Your configuration haven't a "health" command:
> /c/slb/group 1
> health http
> content "/upandworking.html"
> ...

i *think* that the standard health checks should be ok. those are
working, in any case.

> 2. We are using 2.4, not 2.6, with patches for kernel from:

i don't think that i need this. at this point, the alteon is
convinced that it can reach the servers and the servers are not
responding to arps for the vip, using the 2.6 kernel technique that i
previously described. so i think i'm ok here.

> We have a L..O..T of traffic and our alteons had a lot of problems with
> "traditional" SLB (very high load, problems with sessions, etc.), now
> everything is working fine and we are very very happy. Now alteons are
> "translating" only client to server traffic, not the server to client
> traffic (as content provider, so this is the BIG traffic).

good. my hope was to do this DSR from the beginning. i'm happy to
hear that it works for you. i just wish it worked for me! :-)


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