Re: [load balancing] struggling alteon 180e dsr config

From: Todd Underwood <>
Date: Sat Apr 09 2005 - 01:23:16 EDT


On Fri, Apr 08, 2005 at 06:03:29PM -0400, Peter Degrassi wrote:
> So what you actually mean is that the Alteon is not sending an ARP
> RESPONSE to an ARP REQUEST for the VIP? If that is the case then no
> wonder it ain't working. Make sure the VIP is up and look for the ARP
> entry in /info/arp/dump.

yes, that's exactly what i mean! sorry if i wasn't clear. indeed,
without responding to arps, nothing will work.

i was looking at /i/arp/dump and i see:

    IP address Flags MAC address VLAN Port Referenced ports
  --------------- ----- ----------------- ---- ---- ---------------- 00:0e:0c:05:04:51 1 1 empty 00:02:b3:a3:0e:00 1 1 empty 00:02:b3:a3:0e:21 1 1 empty P 00:60:cf:49:46:30 1 1-9 P 4 00:60:cf:49:46:3e 1-9

i have no idea what the '4' is. i also don't know why the vip isn't on
any port. it should be on port 1, shouldn't it? and why isn't it in
any vlan (even default 1) when everything else is.

> The alteon itself will not send an ARP REQUEST for an address that it
> owns.

right. sorry if i wasn't clear. the problem is that it's not
responding to requests about 1.160 in this case.



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