[load balancing] Alteon 180e duplicate cookies

From: Andy Stokes (AStokesIZZATinflow.com)
Date: Tue Apr 06 2004 - 14:10:46 EDT

I have a customer whose logs show the following. Our Alteon 180e is
inserting the same cookie for each of their real servers, in effect
rendering the cookie persistence useless.


Their site is pointed at another box, which redirects to the VIP configured
on the Alteon. Therefore it's impossible for me to troubleshoot this myself,
as the source IP shown via a session dump is the IP of the box doing the
redirect. Using Ethereal on my own browser, I've tried to duplicate what
they're claiming. I've used both the URL and the VIP.


When using the VIP, I have never been issued an incorrect cookie. I have
cleared cookies on my browser a hundred times troubleshooting this, and have
yet to been re-issued the wrong cookie. It goes without saying the
persistence is functioning as intended.


We're on WebOS I've scoured the archives on this site with no
luck. (I'm new to SLB'ing, and I'm finding this site to be a great


Has anyone else experienced duplicate cookies using cookie insert? Is this a
bug that has been documented?


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Andy Stokes

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