RE: [load balancing] F5 BigIP Persistence Checking

From: Chris Kirby (
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 09:41:37 EDT

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    Thanks everyone for your input on the problem I was having. I
    don't know why it worked, but I changed the persistence method
    to none then back to cookie rewrite and it started to work. So
    far it's still working after 15 hours so it should be okay.

    While persistence is working, I did notice however that when I
    view the cookie details in my browser, I don't see the pool
    reference from our NT IIS4 servers but do from our unix-based
    weblogic servers. Not a major problem, but since I expected to
    see it and it's not there even though it's working, I thought
    I'd ask about it just in case.



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