Re: [load balancing] F5 BigIP OID's

From: Jay Christopherson (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 17:06:17 EDT

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    Maybe someone will correct me if I am wrong, but I have done some work
    with F5 MIBS and if you load the MIB:

    export MIBS=+LOAD-BAL-SYSTEM-MIB #The F5 Mib Name

    And then run the snmpwalk the OID will be translated (if that is the
    right term) into the "plain english" version of the OID:

    like this-


    That should be a little more descriptive as to what the reported values

    - Jay
    Thus spake Chris Kirby (

    > I am writing a custom script to retrieve some OID's from the F5 BIGIP
    > products.
    > I know where to get most of the the information but have some questions.
    > Was wondering if any documentation exists that will explain the function of
    > each OID and what the possible values for each? Some are obviously user
    > defined and are not preset by BigIP, but there are some like
    > which gives a value of "2" if the node is in
    > maintenance mode and a value of "1" if it isn't. I was able to figure this
    > out
    > with some trial and error, but for many of the other OID's that have numeric
    > values, I don't know what the numeric values represent so it's a guessing
    > game until I do some trial and error. Would like to learn more about this.
    > Can anyone steer me in the right direction?
    > Also, while I found most OID's I needed, there's some I could not.
    > - An OID that will tell me if a node is up or down due to a problem found
    > - An OID that will tell me if a node is on "standby" (eg. on a lower
    > priority
    > level than another node so it's not handling packets at the moment).
    > Any info would be appreciated.
    > Thanks.
    > Chris.

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