[load balancing] ISA through Alteon session loss

From: Martin Foote <martin_foote [izzat] hotmail.com>
Date: Fri Mar 14 2008 - 12:37:53 EDT


I have the following scenario,

Microsoft ISA server (2 in cluster)
Alteon 2208 (active/passive)
Weblogic server (6 in cluster)

We have configured pbind on the Alteon, the cookie which Web Logic provides is not ideal for this purpose as it is not a consistent length. It seems to work ok as it is consistent however is does contain a delimiter (!), although as it works ok for users who aren't coming through the ISA servers.

Does anyone know if the Alteon won't accept an exclamation mark as part of the cookie?

Does anyone have experience of using ISA proxies in front of Alteons with the result being a loss of session?


Martin Foote
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