Re: [load balancing] Cookies

From: Iztok Umek <iztok [izzat]>
Date: Fri Mar 30 2007 - 13:22:22 EDT

Tal, idea is to use this "surge protection" on "per user" setting here
not just general for all connections to that site.

Tal Klein wrote:
> Well, I thought you were talking about limiting individual users once
> they're already in the application not connections, hence the cookies.
> If all we're talking here is rate limitng, any L7 LB worth its weight in
> aluminum should be able to do rate limiting on a vip. We call ours
> "surge protection". Again, sorry for the confusion, I thought the
> question was related to limiting users once they're already in the
> application and browsing around (i.e. you've been in the site too long,
> time to re-estabilsh your connection).

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