[load balancing] 3DNS Help

From: Salman Siddiqui (salmanIZZATkubra.com)
Date: Thu Mar 18 2004 - 14:36:16 EST

I am stuck implementing a pair of 3DNS servers and need some help. Situation

1. 3DNS servers (ver 4.2 PTF 6 Crypto) outside the firewall in Node mode.
External VLAN with public IP. Internal VLAN with Private IP feeding into a
dedicated NIC in the firewall.
2. I have defined the Data Centre, Hosts and Pools.
3. Hosts are actually public IP's aliased on the firewall and NATed to a
pair of BIGIP units behind. There are four hosts defined, two from each IP
subnet that we have.


With Namesurfer enabled; 3DNS returns all four IP's in DNS Query response
regardless of the status of the hosts.
With Namesurfer disabled, 3DNS returns 1 IP address (as expected from the LB
settings) but within a minute stops responding to DNS queries.

3DNS logs do not show anything out of ordinary. i.e. No processing are dying
unexpectedly or anything like that. There are NO statistics being collected.
Network map is blank. ECV tests (http) do not show up in Web server logs.
Its almost as if the 3DNS unit is just quietly sitting there doing nothing
at all (which I would love to do but can't afford to :)

So, 3DNS guru's out there. Please guide this novice and earn eternal peace
and blessings.

Salman Siddiqui

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