Re: [load balancing] Rate limiting SOAP transactions

From: Hamish Marson <hamish [izzat]>
Date: Thu Feb 26 2009 - 12:10:00 EST

Quoting "Rosenberry, Eric" <>:

> Kit-
> Thanks for the reply, that is helpful.
> If I am reading this correctly, this dialog is saying that I could
> limit the number of TCP/HTTP/SOAP connections per second and not
> just the bandwidth of them? (I ask because I see fields for both)
> Also, could you have it respond back with an actual SOAP reply, or
> would it need to be an HTTP error code?

I did something like this last year for a customer. The response was
basically a canned SOAP response with a suitable SOAP error code in it
indicating that they'd reached their limit which is only a few lines

You could also get fancy with a template and streams I guess to
customise the responses...


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