[load balancing] F5 LTM hitting SSL TPS license limit

From: Rosenberry, Eric <eric.rosenberry [izzat] iovation.com>
Date: Thu Feb 19 2009 - 17:05:46 EST


I ran into this issue with my F5 LTM's recently and I wanted to share it with the rest of the world in such a form that future Google searches would pick it up since I could not find any information on it myself.

If you are getting a message similar to this in your LTM logs and you don't think you are anywhere near your licensed SSL TPS limit, you might be running into this issue:
tmm tmm[1253]: 01260008:3: SSL transaction (TPS) rate limit reached

After many hours of working with F5 support and analyzing packet dumps to prove the issue to F5 it would appear that the F5 tracks your SSL TPS license limit on some sub-second interval. i.e. if you have a 2000TPS license it seems to chop this up into smaller windows (say 1/10th of a second for this example) and enforce the limit of 200 TPS on each 1/10th of a second bucket.

I ran into this issue while running some load tests against our system at a SSL TPS rate that should have been less than the license limit, however, due to the burstiness of the load test it hit F5's artificial license rate limit.

I know this issue exists in code version "BIG-IP 9.4.1 Build 29.0". I can not speak for any other versions.

F5 does not have a code fix for this issue and at the moment. If you need to prove to F5 support that this issue exists you can have them refer to case C492020 where it is documented.

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