[load balancing] Simultaneous sessions with BIGIP simple persistence

From: Oleksandr Darchuk <oledar [izzat] gmail.com>
Date: Mon Feb 27 2006 - 10:04:07 EST

Hello, all.
Would you like to give me some advises for best understanding of
persistence on load balancing...
I my environment I have 5 proxy servers behind the BIGIP LB, round
robin method and simple persistence.
In log files I see, that when user start connection (retrieve first
URL), all other URL's he retrieves from the same server. But sometimes
(especially during big file downloads) user simultaneously start
another connection and go through another proxy.
So, as I understand, as usual requests go sequential (in terms of TCP
connection), and because of simple persistence go through only one
(the same) proxy. But during "long" request another simultaneous
connection start and it goes through another proxy according to LB
schema. Am I right?
And another question: if I'll remove persistence at all, does it means
that all another request will be passed through another proxy server?

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