[load balancing] https pbind problem on Alteon 2208

From: Adrian Richardson <adrian.richardson [izzat] rmit.edu.au>
Date: Sun Feb 26 2006 - 22:48:01 EST


I'm having a problem with https session persistency with Alteon 2208
when people switch from HTTP to HTTPS in our web application. Our
clients use http until they need to complete a purchase - whereby the
application switches to secure mode. At that point, *some* sessions
break depending on if the session continues on the same real server or
not. In our application users MUST remain on the same real server they
started when completing the secure transaction.

The metric is hash for the group.

For service HTTP, dbind is enabled and pbind is on cookie (passive).
This seems to work best for us and maintains persistency in most cases.
'clientip' pbind is no good as many of our clients are behind mega

I can't find a good pbind configuration for HTTPS.
* clientip: doesn't work - sessions can go to the wrong real server.

* sslid: doesn't work - this method is no good for IE any longer
because of the 2 min timeout and sessions can go to the wrong server
when the ssl connection is first made.

* cookie (passive): doesn't seem to work at all (I can't connect)

Anyone have any ideas as to how I can maintain persistency in the
switch from HTTP to HTTPS?


Adrian Richardson
Informit - RMIT Publishing

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