[load balancing] Linkproof Inbound Load-Balancing

From: <mcharpentier [izzat] ccr.fr>
Date: Mon Feb 06 2006 - 09:49:19 EST


I have a question concerning the redundancy of the dns server includes on
linkproof radware.

I use 2 LinkProof in proprietary redundancy mode and it appears that when
the active LP fails the backup works fine for routing but doesn't become
active for the dns server. The dns responds only using the backup ip. Is it
a normal operation mode with the proprietary redundancy mode (as it's layer
2 redundancy by mac @)? Is it possible with VRRP to also make the dns
redundant ? Or is there a correction with upper version.

Thanks for your feedback

I'm using software version 3.73.11 on ASII


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