Re: [load balancing] Subnet Sporadically Disappears on AD4 Pair w / VRRP

From: Jason J. W. Williams <jasonjwwilliams [izzat]>
Date: Thu Feb 02 2006 - 19:22:33 EST

Hi Richard,

   Here's the interesting thing. By turning off VRRP on the offending
subnets and by turning off NIC bonding (active-standby) in Linux on both
real servers ( and in the subnet the problem went
away. However, by leaving VRRP off and re-enabling NIC bonding on the entire subnet has started to get taken down again 48 hours
later. Must be something the Alteon doesn't like about NIC bonding. Anybody
have any ideas? To my reading, NIC bonding is a completely physical layer
thing (unless you're doing active-active).

Best Regards,

On 2/2/06, Richard Golding <> wrote:
> Do you still have the issue? If so send me the config and I can help
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> Hi,
> Not quite sure how to fix this, so any help is greatly appreciated. I
> have an AD4 pair that are load balancing a number of real-server pools (each
> pool is is on its own subnet/VLAN). For the most part the real server
> subnets work fine, however I have a couple of subnets where if I turn on
> VRRP, after awhile the real servers and the Alteons will lose the ability to
> talk to each other. They basically drop each other's MAC from their ARP
> tables. The problems starts intermittently, getting more and more frequent
> until all subnet access is cut off. If we turn off VRRP the problem goes
> away. In fact, in the middle of the problem the servers can ping the actual
> gateway IP of each Alteon, but not the VRRP shared IP. Any help or guidance
> is greatly apprecaited.
> -J
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