RE: [load balancing] MRTG graph issues with alteons

From: Andrew Cook <acook [izzat]>
Date: Wed Feb 01 2006 - 16:57:37 EST

I guess you guys have loaded the Alteon enterprise mibs and checked the
SlbStatVServerEntry table? This lives in aoslayer4.mib in the 22.0 mibs If
you're playing with MRTG, load the Alteon mibs directly unless you enjoy
self-flagellation with OIDs

You may also want to consider enabling the virtual service stats
"/cfg/slb/adv/vstat e" to report stats per VIP, rather than the aggregated
stats per real (yep, even when looking at the VIP stats...)

I don't have a box running here to double check that 22.0/snmp works as it's
supposed to, but I've set this up in a number of customers previously.

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> I can see the CPU,port 9 and 10 graphs.
> Software Version-22.0.4

Those are just the data for the physical ports on the alteon. Those would
show the combined amount of traffic going through your alteon. If you want
per VIP statistics, you'd need to look at the Alteon MIB.

Funny because i've been working on that myself lately.

$ snmpwalk -v1 -c $community $host will show the contents
of the Alteon MIB, there's LOADS of info.

Unfortunately i don't know what number is what exactly, although with the
use of the Alteon EMS and clever tcpdumping you can distinguish between
certain graphable values. f.e. is the amount of sessions on real
server N with N ranging from 1 to 255, etc.

> So in snmp walk IF-MIB::ifInOctets COunter is 0 IF-MIB::ifOutOctets
> COunter is incrementing.

I had weird traffic graphs from the normal interface snmp mib too.
But i'm not interested in total traffic. Per server/vip is more important to
me ;)


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