RE: [load balancing] BIGIP V9.04 WebGUI errors

From: Brian Ott <>
Date: Wed Feb 16 2005 - 00:41:03 EST

I am running 2 3400s in similar configuration without issue. However I
did do a clean install of the firmware. I also only have about 50+

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Subject: [load balancing] BIGIP V9.04 WebGUI errors

Hello LB-L!

I was wondering if anyone has been having similar issues with the 9.x
code. I currently have a pair of LTM-3400's running active/standby that
experience an issue displaying the list of virtuals servers in the
webGUI. At some unspecified interval after a clean start, if you click
on the Virtuals Servers link under Local Traffic you are returned a
General Database Error. Subsequent clicks return a normal looking page
but return no records to display. I do currently have an open case with
F5 that has been escalated to DEV and I have tracked down the issue to a
NULL pointer being passed into the list.jsp when it attempts to do a
SELECT * from virtual_server which I am assuming is generating the data
for the JSP to display.

Please understand that the BigIPs continue to service their configured
Virtual Servers without interruption and that this issue only seems to
cause issue with the webGUI as I can still see all the virtual servers
via bigpipe commands. I am however, unable to run a bigpipe load and
when doing so get an ExtremeDB error that there is not enough memory.
It used to be that the issue would present rather regularly overnight.
 Also of note, it is possible to resolve the issue by doing a bigstart
restart which is definetly service impacting as it restarts, TMM and
other procs when run so I can do this on the standby unit during the

Here are some actual error messages:

Seen in webGUI:
<!> General database error retrieving information.

Seen in catalina.out:
2005-02-15 08:27:05,382 ERROR [Thread-18] util.F5Error:<init> -
General data
base error retrieving information.
java.sql.SQLException: 01020002:3: A null pointer was passed into a
function. in statement [SELECT COUNT(*) FROM virtual_server]


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