[load balancing] Alteon AD3 Performance

From: Dusan Senkypl (senkyplIZZATtrafficsyndicate.com)
Date: Fri Feb 21 2003 - 17:15:53 EST

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    I have a failover AD3 setup for our servers. We have 2 groups of 3&2
    load balanced servers and 2 individual real servers. No filtering is

    All servers provide download services (small files), web services and
    asp pages. During the test setup I was sending only some 100
    users/second on 1 virtual server and I've got quite bad response times..
    I was monitoring ping at the same time and while it was only some
    40-50ms on the virtual server IP, it was 100+ms on real servers in that

    Can you give me some realistic estimation of potential performance? I'm
    afraid to send there our current 500+ users per second - is
    theperformance of Alteon so bad?

    Thanks fo your opinion..

    Dusan Senkypl

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