Re: [load balancing] Alteon AD3 against codered/nimda

From: Allan Liska (
Date: Thu Feb 28 2002 - 09:33:57 EST

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    I don't think the Alteon load balancing family has any specific
    functionality to deal with Code Red/Nimda, but you should be able to use
    URL parsing to stop these attacks.

    I haven't tested this, and I am sure Peter will let me know if I am wrong
    :), but I think the following should work (WebOS 8.0.49):

    >> Main# /cfg/slb/url/lb
    [Server Loadbalance Resource Menu]
          message - Set error message
          add - Add URL path for load balance
          rem - Remove URL path for load balance
          cur - Display current URL paths

    >> Server Loadbalance Resource# add
    Enter URL path: default.ida

    >> Server Loadbalance Resource# add cmd.exe

    >> Server Loadbalance Resource# add root.exe

    >> Server Loadbalance Resource# apply
    Apply complete; don't forget to "save" updated configuration.

    >> Server Loadbalance Resource# cur
    Error message:
    No available server to handle this request

    Number of entries: 4
    1: any
    2: default.ida
    3: cmd.exe
    4: root.exe

    >> Server Loadbalance Resource#

    Next, enable URL-based SLB on the virtual servers:

    >> Server Loadbalance Resource# /cfg/slb/virt 1/service http/httpslb
    Current HTTP SLB for vport http: disabled
    New HTTP SLB for vport http: disabled
    Enter enable|disable [e/d]: e
    Select Application: urlslb

    >> Virtual Server 1 http Service#

    (repeat this for each VIP Instance)

    As long as you don't marry those rules to a real server, requests that
    match the rules should just be sent the default error message: No
    available server to handle this request.

    Again, I have not tested this, so I can not guarantee it will work, but,
    in theory (don't you hate those words :)) it should.


    On Wed, 27 Feb 2002, Benny Chee wrote:

    > can alteon AD3 filter codered/nimda probes? If yes, can print sample config..
    > benny

    Allan Liska

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