[load balancing] cgi problem with bigip's

From: Mark Natoli (mnatoliIZZATappliedtheory.com)
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 11:57:47 EST

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      Behind a pair of bigip's we have a Solaris node running iPlanet. This
    iplanet server has a cgi script called from an E-Prise app server also
    installed on the node. This cgi includes the full url of the load
    balanced web site (the bigip's vip). The script fails when the node
    attempts to connect to the vip. The bigip's tcp session sits at
    TIME-WAIT. Makes sense I guess, a routing issue when asking for the vip
    from the node. However ...
      This iplanet server is *not* configured to listen on the physical node's
    ip rather it is listening on a logical interface (i.e. hme0:1). So when
    the script is run with just /cgi-bin/{exec}.cgi and not the full url of
    the lb web site, it attempts to connect to localhost and fails since the
    web server is not listening there.
      Using the ip of the node's logical interface in the script is not a
    working solution because the hostname of this logical interface's ip is
    returned and viewed in the users browser.
      Anyone experienced a similar problem? Possible solutions?


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