[load balancing] CSS hangs after 16Mb of traffic into GE port for transparent proxies

From: Benny Chee (bennycIZZATmagix.com.sg)
Date: Sat Feb 02 2002 - 21:12:35 EST

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            did anyone have the following sympton....

            i was running up my CSS11154 to do transparent proxies load balancing. my router would intercept port 80 request and forward it to the circuit VLAN of my CSS. i have 6 caches (cacheflow) sitting behind the CSS. All's being balance using domainhash method. The caches points default route to the CSS, and the CSS points default route to my router.

            after 10mins and 16Mb of traffic later, all traffic stops at the CSS, and it just hangs. No traffic could pass through. A hard reset to the CSS was the only solution. Can't even telnet to the mgmt port.

            Does someone on the list have similar network configurations and got things to work? If so, how? What version of CSS is more stable?

            after the incident, i upgraded from ver 5.00 build 2 to ver 5.00 build 33. Still the same problem persists. Any help?

            attached is part of my config.

    !*************************** GLOBAL ***************************
      persistence reset remap
      ip opportunistic all

      ip route 1

    !*************************** OWNER ***************************
    owner foo.com

      content transparent_proxy
        balance domainhash
        add service cf3
        add service cf4
        add service cf5
        add service cf6
        add service cf7
        add service cf8
        protocol tcp
        port 80
        url "/*"
        no persistent

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