[load balancing] F5 BigIP MIB

From: Chris Kirby (ckirbyIZZATstreetviews.com)
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 16:03:03 EST

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    While browsing the F5 BIGIG MIB tree, I can't seem to find any OID for
    and bitsout for a virtual server in . I do see
    info for
    packetsin and packetsout however but it's not quite what I'm looking for as
    want to monitor bandwidth.

    Do I need to upgrade the snmp agent or is it available in another OID? I can
    see it by referring tot he virtual server interface "number" but I would
    like to
    refer to the IP directly (using the above OID) in case if they get

    Also, what is the difference between PacketsIn and PacketsInHi32? Not
    sure what the Hi32 means.



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