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From: G. Jules Huang (
Date: Wed Feb 28 2001 - 09:19:09 EST

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    > The number of boxes do not affect your BGP advertisement. For
    >eg: is hosted on a /24. Irrespective of how many ISP u'r
    >connected to you will continue advertising the 24. Yes HydraGPS focuses
    >towards large service providers who would prefer having connections at
    >various point on the net. If u'r worried about ISP's filtering policy ie
    >blockholing your network eg Verio filtering non customers at /16's and
    >not following ARIN guidelines etc... thats a whole different issues but
    >does not really apply here.

    The assumption is more boxes you have, more likely that the customer's
    request will be routed to a box closest to the customer. It also has a
    potential benefit of locating where your customer is coming from. Again,
    the assumption is many boxes.

    > Anyway I always thought of a GSLB solution to help improve
    >performance and redirect you to the closest site, which requires some
    >kind o f metric to evaluate performance from client to the server. Their
    >FAQ/theory does not seem to accomplish any of that.

    GPS was only designed for incoming traffic and left the out going traffic
    to Internet or CDN.


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