Re: [load balancing] software vs appliances.

Date: Thu Feb 22 2001 - 10:01:49 EST

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    On Thu 22 Feb, 2001, tc lewis <> wrote:
    >basically just trying to get a better feel for this list and what people
    >here are using/have used/opinions on each.

    There's quite a few out there...

    I dabbled with IBM's Network dispatcher back in the very early days (I
    thought it got a new name, but it seems not [1]) - it was the first
    system I saw which did what people are now calling "Direct Server Return".
    SGI also has a product - Network Load Balancing Software [2] (or NLBS,
    catchy..) and I thought Sun had one but I can't find it.

    In the "free" area, there's LVS as you've mentioned (which the UK
    Academic Network Web Cache Service uses to great effect [3]), and there's
    Eddie [4] too.


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