RE: [load balancing] Disabling session timeout on the Altheons

From: Robert Altomare (
Date: Tue Feb 20 2001 - 14:29:16 EST

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    Having connections time out at 60 minutes could mean that you'll end up with
    a lot more connections, possibly dormant waiting for timeout. If this is the
    case, I'd check the connection capacity on the AceDirector with the features
    you'll be using.

    -Robert Altomare

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    Michael is right that the manual indicates that you can set persistence to
    be up to 60 minutes, but with WebOS v8.0 and above, the maximum is 30

    I don't know if they've changed this with the AceDirector4 (more RAM, thus
    more possibility of holding on to persistent connections longer....)

    -Tim Titus------------------------------
    Director, Internet Operations, NCS Learn

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    WebOS manual says it's a value between 1 and 60. Is the manual
    incorrect, or did you mean that 60 == very long time. I'd test this
    myself, but I'm on vacation, sorta...


    Simon Lvov wrote:
    > Olumide,
    > You can't completely disable it, bu you can set it to a VERY long time.
    > If you can elaborate on what are you trying to achieve, I can probably
    help you.
    > simon...
    > Olumide Otuyelu wrote:
    > > How does one disable the session timeout feature of the Altheons?

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