Re: [load balancing] Verisign and Load Balancers

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Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 17:23:52 EST

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    > The work around with F5 BigIPs could be the use of SSL accelerator. It's
    a PCI
    > card which can be plugged in the BigIP motherboard. It takes care of SSL
    > encryption/decription and does it much faster than a web server would do.
    > it allows you to keep only one copy of the private key and certificate
    > which minimizes administration overhead. The accelerator card supports
    > certificates generated for most webservers ( I believe with exception of
    IIS )
    > and you can always mix and match scenarios on where you do SSL processing
    > either on BigIP or on servers).

    Plus, the BIG-IP configsync command will copy both the keys and the certs to
    the standby BIG-IP so they stay completely synchronized ready to handle a
    failure. :-)


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