Re: [load balancing] Cascading switches off of a Foundry switch

From: KJ & JC Salchow (
Date: Fri Feb 16 2001 - 01:35:25 EST

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    > Sure, its a matter of preference. A hack? lets call it a cool hack
    > :). One thing I like about it is it eliminates the SI as being the
    > bottleneck for all network traffic to machines behing the SI. Especially
    > if u'r doing some heavy transfers to those boxes. U'r also eliminating
    > rewrites on every packet on the way out. (Although its all
    > ASIC but u'r still wining on bit on efficiency). Spanning tree diameter
    > tends to decreases etc...

    I doubt that the packet rewrites are taking place in ASIC - anytime you go
    above layer 2 doing dynamic stuff you've got to have a processor and ram.

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