RE: [load balancing] Cascading switches off of a Foundry switch

From: Gary E. Miller (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 15:46:18 EST

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    Yo Ryan!

    I have been playing with serveral of these for the last few months.

    From what I understand, ServerIrons can load balance at the
    Layer 4 level (http, httpd, etc.), but not on the the Layer 2 level (MAC).

    You have no Layer 4 balancing commands at all in your config.
    They start with "server real .." and "server virtual ...".

    At the Layer 2 (MAC or switch layer) it just does spanning tree.
    Spanning tree does not do any balancing. Instead it prevents
    loops by disabling (BLOCKING) interfaces that would cause loops.

    The Foundry docs are online at They are a
    bit verbose, but they accurately lead you to working configs.

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    > Subject: [load balancing] Cascading switches off of a Foundry switch
    > Greetings...
    > We have a Foundry ServerIron XL with 8 ports on it... it's wired into
    > the rest of our network with a spanning-tree configuration on ports 1
    > and 8... logically, it's off of a HP ProCurve 4000M, which also has
    > another ProCurve off of it, and there's a couple other switches off of
    > there, etc.
    > Basically, what we need to do is be able to have the Foundry
    > load-balance traffic to servers that are not directly plugged into it...
    > we've tried the obvious thing (Just Doing It), and it recognizes that
    > the destination is up, but it doesn't let connections switch over.
    > Is there a config option I'm missing? :-)

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