RE: [load balancing] Cascading switches off of a Foundry switch

From: Luis Vazquez (
Date: Thu Feb 15 2001 - 15:24:13 EST

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    ryan from what I understand you need to enable source-nat on the remote
    server sub config and that server would never receive traffic unless the
    other real server will go down.

    Let me see if I can find the way



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    Subject: [load balancing] Cascading switches off of a Foundry switch


    We have a Foundry ServerIron XL with 8 ports on it... it's wired into
    the rest of our network with a spanning-tree configuration on ports 1
    and 8... logically, it's off of a HP ProCurve 4000M, which also has
    another ProCurve off of it, and there's a couple other switches off of
    there, etc.

    Basically, what we need to do is be able to have the Foundry
    load-balance traffic to servers that are not directly plugged into it...
    we've tried the obvious thing (Just Doing It), and it recognizes that
    the destination is up, but it doesn't let connections switch over.

    Is there a config option I'm missing? :-)

    Config for the Foundry switch, sans unrelated/secured bits:

    Current configuration:
    ver 06.0.03T12
    server sticky-age 10

    server remote-name zorak
     port telnet

    server virtual mail
     port telnet sticky
     bind telnet zorak telnet

    enable telnet password .....
    enable super-user-password .....
    hostname aphex
    ip address .....
    ip default-gateway .....
    ip dns domain-name
    ip dns server-address
    logging .....
    username ..... password .....
    password-change any
    snmp-server community ..... rw
    snmp-server contact Ryan Tucker +17167565500 <>
    snmp-server location NetAccess ROCHNY 14623
    clock timezone us Eastern
    sntp server
    span prio 20
    span ethe 1 path-c 25
    span ethe 8 path-c 2

    interface e 1
     speed-duplex 100-full
    interface e 2
     speed-duplex 100-full
    interface e 3
     speed-duplex 100-full
    interface e 4
     speed-duplex 100-full
    interface e 5
     speed-duplex 100-full
    interface e 6
     speed-duplex 100-half
    interface e 7
     speed-duplex 100-half
    interface e 8
     speed-duplex 100-full

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :-) -rt

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