[load balancing] Criteria for testing Load Balancer performance?

From: Robert Altomare (raltomareIZZATAntara.net)
Date: Mon Feb 05 2001 - 17:11:52 EST

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    I am new to the list but have an upcoming project that may appeal to this
    list and I am looking for some simple feedback.

    I will be putting together a methodology for testing the performance of load
    balancers. Mainly, the methodology will be measuring a series of performance
    characteristics, not unlike the ircache backoffs but focused on load
    balancing for web servers.

    Here's the meat of the message:

    What performance characteristics are of use to you personally in evaluating
    load balancers? Do you look at throughput or connection levels, url/get,
    connection, or disconnect rates, efficiency of balancing algorithms or
    something else entirely? Or is it features you are interesting in? With so
    many features, which ones are you most interested in see how they affect

    Feedback more than appreciated.

    -Robert Altomare
    Systems Engineering

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