Re: [load balancing] MRTG and LocalDirector

From: Michael Batchelder (
Date: Fri Feb 02 2001 - 11:53:02 EST

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    Patrick Bartkus wrote:
    > Setting up the Local Director to respond to any SNMP can be frustrating.



    > Also, make sure you have a relativly recent version of IOS.
    > I'm running ": LocalDirector 416 Version 3.3.3"


    LocalDisaster 3.3.3 has a bug fix for the problem I mentioned previously
    in this (?) thread this week, namely that SNMP v1 queries (GETs are what
    I tested so far) are answered by v2c responses, which aren't
    recognized/accepted by the monitoring/polling software we're using. A
    standard snmpget or snmpwalk should show this behavior.

    The problem is that in 3.3.4 and above, the behavior is broken again,
    all the way to 4.1.2.


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